Marseille has been redesigned over the last 20 years and the development of the Cruise Ships has been echoed by welcoming on the quays of Joliette in the heart of the city 27 cruises and more than 68 ships representing more than 450 cruises , Costa, MSC, Norvegian Cruise, Royal Caribean, Celebrity Cuise ... Marseille becomes the 1st French port and the 5th Mediterranean port.
The cruise lines in Marseille and the many ports of call of the Cruise companies in the Mediterranean exports the image of the Phocaean City with its 2,600-year history. Marseilles and its accent is the oldest touristic city in France with its exceptional old port, the Cathedral of the Major seen plunging on the quays, its esplanade on the Vaults, the docks, Fort Saint John, and Its other small ports typically Marseilles with the ships "pointed Marseilles" hidden in the bottom of the creeks in the heart of the city.Visit of Our Lady of the Guard, the old quarter of the Basket, the Canebiere, Longchamp Palace. Marseille in Provence offers exceptional excursions to the cities of Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Arles ... The wild Camargue with its white horses and bulls, the Calanques Marseille Cassis and the wildest Calanques of the Coast ... Marseille Offers the most beautiful bay of Europe with its beautiful cornice overlooking the sea. Not only the stopovers cruises in Marseille are exciting but if you have to embark or disembark in Marseilles, you will be able to discover the Riviera.

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