Day tour at sea on a Marseilles pointu


The pointed is a traditional classified historic monument </ b> The history of Marseille with aperitif Provençal from 18h to 19h30 or any other hour of the day.


The small Marseille boat (La barquette marseillaise) , the “pointed” is a traditional boat classified as a historical monument, we offer you a unique tour aboard to discover the history of Marseille with a Provencal aperitif from 18h to 19h30 or at any other time of the day.

The Marseilles small boat is an ancestral traditional boat of the small trades of the sea, i.e. fishermen pillardiers. The good behavior with the sea of this kind of boat means that it is always used by the fishing sailors, and even by yachtmen. The hard maintenance of these boats out of wooden, which must be caulked each year, involves the slow disappearance of these boats. They sail again with the lateen sail on the southernmost coasts.
The small Marseille boats, “pointed” have belonged to the landscape of the city and fishing ports around Marseilles for more than a century. While maintaining ancestral elements of the local maritime inheritance, they have been indispensable representations of the Marseilles ports and profit. A renewed interest of these boats has developed over the last few years. The boats have appeared in public televised series like “Plus belle la vie” or “The Guardian” which was filmed in Marseille.

The small boats are made out of wood, with an engine. Fifty years of navigation and sailing with not a wrinkle in sight! Fifty years of navigation and not a wrinkle in sight! Not very fast, but safe. We offer a customised service with a preliminary quote: … The price includes fuel and safety equipment, the cover, the cooler, masks, swim ladder. This ride “Marseille Pointu” will suit family outings, individuals, groups, amateur fishermen to have a magnificent experience and lunch on the water,

Estimated to have listed today more than 90% of the small boats present in Marseilles which is quoted as being 502 boats, which are distributed mainly on 10 of the 14 ports in Marseille and particularly more concentrated in the Old man-Port and the port of Estaque.


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